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What Is Makar Sankranti 2016 Date, Festival Information And Songs

What Is Makar Sankranti Date, Festival Information And Songs 

What Is Makar Sankranti 2016 Date, Festival Information And Songs -: Festival information is not so big thing to get when we celebrate any festival but as per my opinion, if we don’t have full information about any festival then we should not celebrate this. I came to know this facts that a very few people know about the makar sankranti festival, what is makar sankranti 2016 date, makar sankranti festival information and some happy makar sankranti songs which they can download and listen during the date of makar sankranti.

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First of all we want to tell you that in every year we celebrate our favorite festival on the date of 14th January and it comes after 1 day from the happy lohri which is generally celebrated all over the northern area of India. In the starting days, this is the festival which is only celebrated in the state of Punjab but as the Punjabis spread in the full northern part of India then they celebrate it every part where they live. Not even Punjabis, people from some other communities also celebrate this day. Let’s come back to our makar sankranti festival it is celebrated after Lohri which falls on 13 January and it is celebrated on 14 January.  So the makar sankranti 2016 date is 14th January 2016 this year too. Today we are telling you what is makar sankranti 2016 date, festival information and songs in this article.

What Is Makar Sankranti 2016 Date, Festival Information And Songs

What Is Makar Sankranti 2016 Date, Festival Information And Songs

Makar sankranti marks as a Hindu festival which is celebrated among many community like Hindu, Sikh, Jain and some Muslims too. People love to celebrate this day with some khichdi which is made by beens, stuffed rice and Dal. This is the best food for this celebration of makar sankranti. People are not even from India, it is celebrated in Nepal also which is a festival related with our Hindu culture.

What is Makar Sankranti Festival Information

Makar sankranti is widely celebrated in most of the parts of India and in Andhra Pradesh it is celebrated in 4 days.

In the first day which is celebrated as Bhogi which is celebrated with the discharge of derelict and old thing and purchase or concentrate on some new things. It may be some furniture, fabrics etc. It is also related with some other things means derelict of old and bad habits, any bad thing attached in the relation and material things.

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In the second day, it’s the main day which is celebrated with the name of makar sankranti as it is the main day of the makar sankranti. In this day, people like to wear new cloths, praying to the God as per tradition. They like to eat some food which is made by chalk and flour name as muggu or you can say rangoli too in telugu language. These rangoli is designed by flowers, dry fruits, turmeric powder and many other things.

In the third day which is celebrated as Kanuma which is the day not celebrated widely but it is celebrated as part of Happy Makar Sankranti culture. When we understand the meaning of Kanuma, it is known as thankx giving day like in the western culture but it is the thanksgiving for our animals or you can say cattle.

The fourth day is completely dedicated with our harvest as this is celebrated as makkanuma which is dedicated with non-veg also. In this day normally farmers pray for all those factors which are essential for their harvest. In this series they like to worship fire, water, land, air and many other things. In India we always connect these things with some god and goddess and worship them too. So on the fourth and last day we worship them too.

Today we are telling you what is makar sankranti 2016 date, festival information and songs and now let’s see our next part of Makar sankranti songs for you.

Makar Sankranti Songs 2016



Chali Chali Re Patang


Patang Wali Dor


Kai Po Chhe – Makar Sankranti
These are very good Makar Sankranti songs which you can listen on this festival

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